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Welcome to IV studios Illustration and Graphic Design.

IVstudios has created Illustrations and Designs for a wide variety of projects for both print and the web. Also, COMICS! Check out the latest stuff below, or follow us on Facebook.

What's New:

Jenny Cat of Jenny and the Felines was awesome enough to step in at the last minute and help me out at the Boston Comic Con. You should show her some love and buy her album!

Back from the Boston Comic Con! I was doing free doodles at my table and I got rather a long list going, so I'm still catching up on it. Check out the doodles on my Tumblr!

I recently had the opportunity to do the cover for the GAG's latest newsletter!

The subject was color matching and printing problems. And although that idea is somewhat difficult to convey in only black and white, I think I managed to pull it off nicely, if I do say so myself.

Chapter 6 of Inhumation recently came to an end, so while I work on getting Chapter 7 rolling, I'm putting up a comic version of an old Filipino legend that was the basis for my "Ibwa" mini-comic.

Check it out! (Warning: NSFW, incase the wang wasn't a giveaway)

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