Mini Comic Complete!


The new mini comic for this year’s Boston Comic Con is ready to go to press! This year it will be a series of comics based on my Dungeons & Dragons group.

I’ll be selling it at my table this, so be sure to drop by and get your copy!

And thanks to everyone in my group for being good sports about all the terrible, terrible things I wrote about them!


Boston Comic Con 2014


Inhumation will be returning to the Boston Comic Con this year! I’ll be tabling at Artist Alley August 8 – 10, and like last year I’ll have plenty of comics and goodies to sell and give away, including an all new Actual Stuff mini-comic. I’ll also be doing doodles and such.

IMG_0836  IMG_0635

Joining me this year will be Christina Figueroa of Supergirly Productions and possibly Maria & Michelle of Shonen-Ai Kudasai. (Once I know for sure if they’ll be able to make it I’ll let you know. But you should totally bug them to come because they’re awesome.)

So if you happen to be in the Boston area that weekend you should totally come check us out. It’ll be awesome!