Kame: “At the time I just thought it was a dumb mom thing to say.”

Kame: “But after that, if I was at a shitty party, I started just leaving.”

Kame: “I might have stand around waiting for a ride, but I could just leave.”

Kame: “And knowing that took so much of the pressure off, that I actually managed to start enjoying some of them."

Theo: “But I don’t want to leave. I still want to see Gran.”

Kame: “I’m not saying you should leave, I’m saying you can leave.”

Kame: “Theo”

Kame: “You can leave this party whenever you want.”

Germaine: “Now you.”

Germaine: “Once it’s lit close up those vents.”

Germaine: “And don’t open them up until I say.”

Jerome: “We good?”

Germaine: “Golden.”

Jerome: “Well then let’s go make rent.”

Jerome: “Germaine and Claire are going to get the Vice’s attention and draw it away.”

Jerome: “Once they do, you and me are gonna start loading up the wheelbarrow.”

Germaine: “Now stay right there Hon, and I’ll start leading it over.”

Jerome: “Be careful, alright?”

Germaine: “So don’t try and ride it then?”

Jerome: “Germaine, don’t do this to me right now!”

Germaine: “Dear, you know I’m kidding.”

Germaine: “Come on, Sweetie.”

Germaine: “Over here.”

Germaine: “Oops.”

Germaine: “Looks like you’ve got some pep in you after all.”

Germaine: “Alright Hon, let’s go for a walk.”

Germaine: “Alright Claire, start moving to it’s ten O'clock

Claire: “Ten… Um, oh! Yeah, okay!”

Marco: “Don’t worry Claire, you got this!”

Marco: “They’ve got this, right? This is normal?”

Jerome: “They’ve got this, let’s get crackin’”

Germaine: “Hurry Hon, before this thing pins me in a corner.”

Claire: “—!”

Jerome: “Now get grabbin’”

Marco: “Uh, right!”

Claire: “Now what?”

Germaine: “I’m going to close up my vents.”

Germaine: “And you open yours.”

Germaine: “Claire, Hon. Everything okay over there?”

Claire: “Oh!!”

Germaine: “Not to pressure you, but it’s getting a bit crowded back here.”

Claire: “Crap crap crap! Hey! Bug thing! Over here!”

Germaine: “Don’t panic, remember it can’t hear you. It’s got to smell the smoke.”

Claire: “Right!”

Claire: “Come on…”

Germaine: “Ooof, easy fella.”

Claire: “It’s not working!”

Claire: “Urk!”

Germaine: “Whew.”

Germaine: “Great job, now make your way to the far side of the cavern.”

Claire: “O-okay.”

Maxwell: “Hey! Waiter!”

Lounge Waiter: “Oh, uh, yes sir? How can I help you?”

Maxwell: “Finally, someone who’ll give me the time of day.”

Lounge Waiter: “Pardon me?”

Maxwell: “Where’s Gertrude. I’ve been searching this whole damn place for her.”

Lounge Waiter: “Um, you’ll have to speak with the concierge. He lets the guests up to see Mrs. Englemore.”

Maxwell: “And where is he?”

Lounge Waiter: “Out in the courtyard by the south arch.”

Concierge: “How is Mrs. Englemore holding up?”

Thomas: “Never seen her happier.”

Concierge: “Excellent. Shall we send up Mr. and Mrs. Williams next?”

Thomas: “That’ll be fine.”

Concierge: “I believe they are over by the buffet.”

Thomas: “I’ll go find them.”

Maxwell: “Hey, Buddy.”

Concierge: “Yes?”

Maxwell: “Gertrude back in there?”

Concierge: “Mrs. Englemore is in our new arrival’s suite, yes.”

Maxwell: “Great. I’ll just pop in and pay my respects.”

Concierge: “Um! I’m afraid you need to wait your turn, sir.”

Maxwell: “‘My turn’? I’m her goddamn brother!”

Concierge: “I am aware of who you are, sir.”

Concierge: “But as you can imagine, your sister has recently gone through a very stressful transition.”

Concierge: “Too much stimulation might overtax our new guests. So we have a list.”

Maxwell: “And where am I on this blessed list?”

Concierge: “I couldn’t stay, Sir. But rest assured, when it is your turn you will be made aware.”

Concierge: “You understand, I’m sure.”

Maxwell: “Yes. Yes I think I do.”

Concierge: “Excellent.”

Concierge: “In the meantime, why not enjoy some of our many amenities?”

Maxwell: “You know, I think I’ll do just that.”

Concierge: “Very good.”

Maxwell: “There a place around here a fella can get a smoke?”

Concierge: “There is a smoker’s lounge just over there.”

Maxwell: “Thanks, Son.”

Concierge: “My pleasure.”

Maxwell: “Be seeing you.”

Concierge: “Of course, Sir.”

Claire: “Your turn, Germaine.”

Jerome: “Whew.”

Jerome: “How we commin’ Marco?”

Marco: “Almost full.”

Marco: “I think one or two more of the big ones and we’re set.”

Jerome: “Good, my back is killing me.”

Marco: “I gotta say, Jerome, I had a lot of theories about where you get your stuff”

Marco: “but ‘a giant bug’ was not one of them.”

Jerome: “Yeah, it’s a hellofa thing.”

Marco: “Oh, hey!”

Marco: “Check it out man, Black & Milds.”

Jerome: “Mm-hmmm”

Marco: “These things are really underrated.”

Jerome: “Yup.”

Marco: “I’m surprised more people don’t buy ‘em.”

Jerome: “Hrn.”

Marco: “One of these and a cup of coffee? Nothing better.”

Panel 1:
Jerome surveys his handiwork, talking to Marco without looking back.
Jerome: “Yeah well, Germaine won’t let me have coffee. She says it-”

Panel 2 & 3:
Jerome glances back at Marco and is struck silent in shock and horror at the sight of Marco lighting up the Black & Mild.

Panel 4:
Over on the other side of the cavern, Germaine gets ready to pass off the Vice to Claire.
Germaine: “Ready, Hon?”
Claire: “Let me get around the other side. We can pull it back towards the wall.”

Panel 5:
As Claire walks around to get behind Germaine, they are both stopped in their tracks by a sudden outburst from Jerome
Jerome (Shouting at the top of his lungs): “GOD FUCKING DAMNIT MARCO!!!”
A look of knowing worry comes over Germaine.
Germaine: “Oh dear.”

Panel 6:
Marco stands, cigar dangling from his mouth and looking perplexed at Jerome's outburst. He is now glowing with an aura similar to the one seen being drained earlier from the smokers by the Vice.
Marco: “What?”
Jerome, on the verge of an aneurysm, shouts at Marco
Jerome: “You gotta be the dumbest person I know!”

Panel 7:
The vice takes notice of the sudden appearance of a whole bunch of life energy in its cave.
Marco (Still oblivious): “What?”

Panel 1:
Vice: “Gruuuuuuuuh!”
The Vice turns abruptly, striking Claire in the face with one of it's talon
SF: “Crk!”
Claire: “Guh!”

Panel 2:
Marco notices the Vice barreling towards him.
Marco: “Oh shit.”
Jerome shouts at him.
Jerome: “Run idiot!”

Panel 3:
Marco spits the Black & Mild out of his mouth and into his hand.

Panel 4:
Marco flings the Black & Mild towards the Vice in a futile attempt to distract it as he runs.
SF: “Peh”

Panel 5:
The Black & Mild, still trailing smoke, bounces ineffectual off the Vice, which continues to pursue Marco.
SF: “Pttt”

Panel 6:
Marco fleas in panic, ducking behind a large rock. The Vice continues to chase him. Jerome attempts to fend off the Vice by hitting it with his crowbar, but to no effect.

Panel 1:
Back in Heaven, Kame leans against a bar while an angelic bartender pours a bottle of Bacardi into a shaker. Many bottles of various liquors line the wall behind him.

Panel 2:
The bartendter turns his back to get another bottle, leaving the bottle of Bacardi sitting on the bar. Kame eyes the bottle surreptitiously and subtly unzips her purse.

Panel 3:
The bartender, his back still to Kame, shakes the drink he is preparing. Kame nonchalantly grabs the bottle and makes to stuff it into her purse
SR: “Shake shake”

Pane 4:
The bartender turns back to kame and purs the drink he has just prepared into a glass.
Unlucky Bartender: “Here you go, Miss. One Gulyuz”
Kame gives an exaggerated smile while doing the best to keep her now, bulging purse out of his line of sight.
Kame: “Thank you so much!”

Panel 5:
The bartender smiles and reacher for the bottle of Bacardi, not yet noticing that is is no longer on the bar.
Unlucky Bartender: “It was my pleasure.”
Kame sips her drink and quickly walks away.
Kame: “I bet.”

Panel 6
The bartender, now noticing the missing bottle, stares in confusion at the spot he set it down. Kame is long gone.

Panel 1:
Out in the courtyard, Theo walks nervously through a crowd of party guests..

Panel 2:
He pauses as he approaches the buffet table, seeing several people standing around it, including two women engaged in an animated discussion.

Panel 3:
Theo’s sudden stop causes another partygoer to bump into his shoulder from behind.
Party Attendee: “Watch it kid, You’re blocking traffic.”

Panel 4:
The man brushes past Theo and continues towards the buffet. Theo stands paralyzed with social anxiety, too nervous to respond.

Panel 5:
The closes his eyes and gives himself a little pep talk.
Theo: “*Huf* You can leave whenever you want.”

Panel 6:
Theo sighs heavily and continues walking forward, still nervous.

Panel 1:
Theo peruses the buffet table as two women talk nearby.
Woman 1: “…some sort of commotion.”

Panel 2:
Theo reaches for a bun, then takes notice of the women.
Woman 1: “Apparently, they let in a few folks from… you know.”
Woman 1 gestures downward
Woman 2: “That’s Maxwell, no doubt.”

Panel 3:
Theo begins to sweat nervously.
Woman 1 leans towards Woman 2 conspiratorially
Woman 1: “And a few others, it seems.”
Woman 2: “Tell me they at least gave them plastic cutlery.”

Panel 4:
Theo, doing his best to appear casual, turns away and tries to hide his face.
Woman 2: “The whole point of this party is to make Gertrude feel welcome. Why invite in a bunch of bad memories?”

Panel 5:
The women begin to walk away.
Woman 2: “Barely here five minutes and they almost started a fist fight.”

Panel 6:
Theo takes a roll from the buffet and chants to himself quietly.
Theo: “You can leave whenever you want. You can leave whenever you want.”

Panel 1:
Theo heads back to the table with his plate, where Kame is eating some food.
Kame: “How you holding up, Theo?”
Theo looks apprehensively back towards the buffet table.

Panel 2:
Theo: “I’m… doing alright.”

Panel 3:
Theo rubs the back of his neck and sets his plate on the table.
Theo: “But some of the people here seem…”
Kame takes a drink from her glass
Kame: “‘Shitty’?”

Panel 4:
Theo smiles weakly and rubs his ear.
Theo: “Heh. Well, I don’t know about that.”
In the background, Thomas speaks with one of the angels floating near the entrance. They are too far away to be heard, but the angel is gesturing towards Theo.

Panel 5:
Theo pulls out a chair to sit.
Theo: “But you’d think people living in heaven would have better things to do than complain.”
Behind Theo, Thomas approaches.

Panel 6:
Thomas walks up behind Theo’s chair and puts his hand on Theo’s shoulder.
Thomas: “Are you Theodore?”
Theo looks up and back at Thomas in surprise
Theodore: “Uhh…”

Panel 1
Thomas looks down impassively at Theo.
Thomas: “It’s your turn to see Gertrude.”

Panel 2
Theo looks up nervously at Thomas.
Theo: Oh

Panel 3
Theo looks over at Kame, unsure what to do.
Theo: Um

Panel 4
Kame gives Theo a thumbs up in encouragement.

Panel 5
Theo shoots up out of his chair.
Theo: “Yes. Okay. Yes.”
Thomas looks bemused.

Panel 6
We see a number of guests dancing eating and chatting as Theo and Thomas make their way away from the main party. Kame watches them leave from the table.

Panel 7
Caption: “Meanwhile”
We cut back to the smoking lounge where we see the waiter from earlier holding a box of cigars open for a man to inspect. The man selects a cigar from the box.

Panel 8
The man holds the cigar to his lips while the waiter lights it for him using a lighter.

Panel 1
Smoke rises from the now lit cigar
Man: “Thanks”

Panel 2
The man turns and walks away. The Waiter puts the lighter into his pocket and smiles.
Waiter: “My pleasure, sir.”

Panel 3
The Waiter also turns and begins to walk away. At the same time, Maxwell is walking towards him while looking back over his shoulder. Neither one appears to see the other.

Panel 4
Maxwell and the Waiter collide with one another, knocking the Waiter backwards, causing him to almost drop the box of cigars he is carrying. In the confusion, Maxwell slips his hand into the Waiters pocket.

Panel 5
The Waiter looks applaud at his own clumsiness.
Waiter: “Oh my gosh! Sir, I am SO sorry.”
Maxwell doubles over apparently having the wind knocked out of him, his glasses askew on his face. He surreptitiously sticks his hand into his jacket pocket.

Panel 6
The Waiter approaches Maxwell apologetically.
Waiter: “Are you okay?”
Maxwell straightens himself up and adjusts his glasses.
Maxwell: “Oh my.”

Panel 1
The Waiter continues to look apologetic.
Waiter: “Can I get you anything?”
Maxwell waves him off politely.
Maxwell: “No no, I’m quite alright.”

Panel 2
Maxwell grins and rubs his head in embarrassment.
Maxwell: “I should have been watching where I was walking.”

Panel 3
Waiter: “Are you sure you’re alright? There’s nothing I can get for you?”

Panel 4
Maxwell begins to walk past him, smiling jovaly.
Maxwell: “Just point me towards the bar and I’ll be right as rain.”
Waiter: “Of course. It’s on the far end of the lounge.”

Panel 5
Maxwell waves over his shoulder as he heads to the bar. His friendly smile shifts to a devious grin.
Maxwell: “Thank you, Sonny.”
Waiter: “My pleasure.”

Panel 6
Maxwell grins as he inspects the cigarette lighter he lifted off the Waiter in the confusion.
Maxwell: “Thank you very much.”

Panel 1
The Bartender is serving drinks to several people at the bar as Maxwell approaches, tucking the lighter back in his pocket.

Panel 2 - 4
The Bartender places a few clean glasses underneath the bar. Bottles of alcohol and cocktail glasses line the shelves behind him. Maxwell raises a finger to get his attention
Maxwell: “Bartender”

Panel 5
The Bartender looks up
Bartender: “Sir?”

Panel 6
Maxwell siddles up and leans on the bar.
Maxwell: “I would like to see a bottle of your finest scotch.”

Panel 7
The Bartender turns to select a bottle from the shelf behind him.
Bartender: “Yes Sir.”

Panel 1
The Bartender hands Maxwell a bottle of Scotch
Bartender: “I recommend the 18 year old Glen Grant.”

Panel 2
We get a close up of the bartender as he informs Maxwell about the Scotch.
Bartender: “It has a lovely warmth that reminds one of Grandma’s kitchen, with hints of oak and spices.”

Panel 3
Maxwell takes the bottle and eyes it dubiously.
Maxwell: “Ah yes, that’s what I like my drinks to taste like: a spicey tree.”
The Bartender looks nonplussed
Bartender: “Sir?”

Panel; 4
Maxwell looks over the top of his glasses at the Bartender.
Maxwell: “And what sort of smoke would you recommend with a fine drink like this?”

Panel 5
The Bartender thinks about this
Bartender: “WIth the Glen Grant…”

Panel 6
The Bartender turns to go get something from off panel.
Bartender: “I know just the thing. One moment, sir.”
Maxwell holds the bottle and grins.

Panel 1
Maxwell clutches the whisky bottle and watches the bartender as he leaves to get the cigars.

Panel 2
Maxwell grins and tucks the bottle into his suit jacket.

Panel 3
Hiding the bottle inside his jacket, Maxwell leaves.

Panel 4
We hold for a moment on the now vacant section of bar.

Panel 5
A moment later, the barten returns smiling and holding a wooden cigar box.
Bartender: “We have a fin selection of Davidoff-”

Panel 6
Noticing that Maxwell has left with the bottle, the Bartender slumps dejectedly.
Bartender: “… Oh.”

Panel 1
Back in the courtyard, we see a group of three people gathered near a low privacy wall chatting. In the background the party continues

Panel 2
The camera draws closer to the three people, a man and two women, as they continue to chat.

Panel 3
The camera continues to zoom in on the group.

Panel 4
Suddenly, Maxwell pops into view from behind the wall.
Maxwell: “Hey there, folks! It’s me, Maxwell!”

Panel 5
Maxwell leans in towards the man, grinning maniacally.
Maxwell: “You know, the guy who killed his brother.”
The man lease backward, uncomfortable.
Man: “Excuse me, we-”

Panel 6
Before the man can finish his thought, Maxwell turns his attention to the two women.
Maxwell: “Let’s have a long, personal conversation about our political views.”
The two women begin to back away, uncomfortable with Maxwell’s intrusion.

Panel 7
One of the women, in an attempt to politely remove herself from the situation, pretends to hear someone calling her name.
Woman: “Actually- Oh! Uh, I think I hear my wife calling. Another time?”

Panel 8
Maxwell feigns disappointment as the three people walk away, leaving him relatively alone by the wall.
Maxwell: “Huh, well isn’t that a shame.”

Panel 1
A low shot of Maxwell as he watches the people walk away.
Maxwell: “Hnf. Cowards.”

Panel 2
Maxwell twists the top of the bottle of liquor he stole.

Panel 3
Looking over his shoulder to make sure no one is watching, Maxwell splashed some of the whisky into a nearby trash can.

Panel 4
Maxwell takes a swig of the whisky.

Panel 5
Maxwell begins to undo his tie.

Panel 6
Using the lighter, Maxwell sets fire to the tie, which he has partially stuffed into the top of the now half empty whisky bottle.

Panel 1
The Concierge stands in front of the arch, doing something on his Pad.

Panel 2
We get a close up of the pad, which is displaying a list of various names. The Concierge uses his finger to scroll through the list.

Panel 3
Maxwell’s hand reaches in and taps on the pad to get the Concierge’s attention.
Maxwell: “A-hem. Pardon me.”

Panel 4
The Concierge looks up to see Maxwell standing in front of him with a wolfish grin.
Concierge: “Huh? Oh, you again.”

Panel 5
The Concierge looks back down at this Pad.
Concierge: “I told you sir, when it’s your turn-
Maxwell cuts him off
Maxwell: “Oh, I remember.”

Panel 6
Maxwell puts on a concerned face.
Maxwell: “I just thought I should tell you I think I smelled something burning.”
He gestures over his shoulder. In the background we see a small wisp of smoke rising from behind the low wall.

Panel 7
The Concierge lowers his Pad and looks at Maxwell, who is radiating well intentioned bemusement. In the background the smoke begins to grow.
Concierge: “Burning? Sir that’s ridic-”

Panel 8
Suddenly, a large flame shoots up from behind the wall.
Fire: “FWOOSH!”
The concierge looks panicked, while Maxwell puts on an expression of shock.

Panel 1
Maxwell glances over his shoulder at the fire, struggling to hide a grin.
Maxwell: “Oh my.”
The Concierge grabs his head in shock.
Concierge: “Ack!”

Panel 2
The crowd stares at the flaming trashcan.

Panel 3
The Concierge attempts to remain calm while Maxwell smirks in the background.
Concierge: “Oh dear! Oh dear!”

Panel 4
The Concierge rushes off to deal with the situation, completely forgetting about Maxwell.
Concierge: Don’t worry folks! We will handle this!

Panel 5
Maxwell uses the distraction to make his way towards the archway.
Concierge [off panel]: “Just stay back and don’t panic!”

Panel 6
Maxwell disappears through the archway.
Concierge [off panel]: “Good lord, someone get some water!”

Panel 1
Caption: “Back on Earth”
Marco, pinned on his back on the cave floor, kicks furiously at the VIce which towers over him.
Marco: “Fuck fuck fuck fuck”

Panel 2
Marco struggles to avoid the Vice’s claws and proboscis. The Vice stabs at him blindly, it’s claws taking chunks out of the rock around Marco.
Sound Effect: *Chk*

Panel 3
The Vice makes a lunge at Marco.

Panel 4
Marco rolls out of the way, narrowly avoiding the proboscis. It bounces off a rock where Marco’s head had been a moment before.
Sound Effect: *Chnk*

Pane 5
Claire sits up groggily and clutches her head, her nose bloody from the hit she took off the Vice’s forelimb.
Claire: “Guh.”
In the background, Margo scrabbles on all fours across the cave floor pursued by the vice. Jerome whacks at the Vice’s tail with his crowbar to no visible affect.

Panel 1
Claire looks aghast at the scene before her. Behind her, Germaine looks on with concern and reaches into her sleeve.

Panel 2
Marco has managed to get back on his feet and is making a mad dash away from the Vice.
Marco: “Why does it want to eat me!?”

Panel 3
Jerome continues to whack at the Vice with his crobar, which continues to be futile.
Jarome: “It eats bad decisions, moron. You were SMOKING.”

Panel 4
Marco ducks down, crawling into a narrow gap between two rocks.
Marco: “What difference does that make? I’m dead!”

Panel 5
Jerome has now fully climbed onto the Vice’s back, whacking all the while.
Jerome: It’s still not GOOD for you!”
Behind him, Claire rushes forward trying to get the Vice’s attention.”
Claire: “Hey! Hey!”

Panel 6
Marco has managed to wriggle halfway into the gap.
Marco: “That seems super unfair!”

Panel 7
Now fully inside the gap, Marco wedges himself in as far as he can go, trying to stay out of reach of the Vice. The Vice extends its proboscis inside the gap, feeling round for Marco.

Panel 8
Jerome continues to try and distract the Vice, to no effect. Claire continues to shout, smoke billowing out of her incense burner.”
Claire: “HEY! OVER HERE!”

Panels 1-8
The Vice claws at the gap where Marco is hiding. In rapid succession we see callouts of Jerome struggling fruitlessly to distract the Vice; Germaine and Claire looking on with concern; Marco in full panic mode; Germaine using a grease pencil to draw a symbol on her hand.

Panel 9
Marco has crammed himself as far into the gap as he can manage. The Vice continues to try and reach him.

Panel 10
A closeup on Marco’s panic stricken face.

Panel 11
Behind the Vice, Germain holds up her hand revealing a strange symbol drawn on it. She says something unpronounceable.

Panel 12
Germaine reaches her hand towards the Vice’s back, the symbol on it starts to glow as her hand radiates magical energy.

Splash Page
The Vice groans and rears back in pain as Germaine touches it’s back, sending a shock of energy coursing through both her arm and the Vice. Here eyes water as the spell seems to hurt her as much as it does the vice.

Jerome clings to the Vice’s back as it lashes about, smoke and cigarette resin spewing from it’s maw.

Panel 1
Theo climbs an ornate set of stone stairs up to a platform above the treetops, on which sits a small, round building. In the background, clouds swirl around mountains in the distance.

Panel 2
A medium shot of Theo, looking nervous.

Panel 3
The stands in front of the door to the building. There are like, so many goddamn stone tiles on the ground they took forever to draw.

Panel 4
A wide shot of the treetops as a moment passes silently.

Panel 5
A closeup of Theo's hand reaching for the door handle.

Panel 6
The same shot, but Theo hesitates, too nervous to open the door.

Panel 7
Theo pulls back, rubbing his hands together nervously.

Panel 8
Theo balls his hands into fists and tries to work up the nerve to open the door.
Theo: *Exhales* "Okay."

Panel 1
Theo, finally having worked up the nerve to open the door, peers into the room. A small table next to the door hold a decorative fruit bowl and a small ornate lamp.

Theo: "Uh, Gran?"

Panel 2
Theo is knocked back as an elderly woman rushes forward and hugs him, tears in her eyes.

Theo: "Oof!"

Gertrud: "Oh my goodness! My baby!"

Panel 3
The woman (Theo's grandmother, Gertrud" holds Theo's face in her hands and kisses him on the cheek. Theo looks unsure of what to do.

Theo: "Hi Gran."

Gertrud: "Oh my little Teddy! I've missed you so much!"

Panel 4
A closeup of Theo's face, still held by Gertrud. A mixture of happiness and uncertainty on his face.

Gertrud: "Look at you."

Panel 5
A closeup of Gertrud's beaming face. She is several inches shorter than Theo, and has to reach up to cradle his face.

Gertrud: "Just as handsome as I remember."

Panel 6
Gertrud takes Theo's hand her her own and pats it gently, a look of grandmotherly concern on her face.

Gertrude: "But so thin!" (A statement based on facts not in evidence) "Have you been eating well?"

Theo, a look of mild exasperation on his face: "Yes Gran."

Panel 7
We pull back to a wide shot as Gertrud places a hand on Theo's back and leads him deeper into the room. We can see a bit more of the room, which is furnished with ornate, old-fashioned looking items.

Gertrud, falling straight into grandma mode: "Come in and sit! I'll fix you a plate."

Panel 8
Gertrude positive beams, extremely happy to see her grandson again.

Gertrud: "And you tell me ALL about what you've been up to!"

Theo looks sheepish, dreading the thought of having to admit to his grandmother that he has been condemned to Hell."

Panel 1
Gertrud sits Theo down in a chair at to a round, granite table with a bowl of fruit in the center

Gertrud: "Just sit here and I'll get you some food."

Theo: "You don't have to do that, Gran."

Panel 2
Gertrud clasps her hands together in joy at being able to see her grandson again.

Gertrud: "Nonsense! Now, you tell me how you've been."

Panel 3
Theo slouches sheepishly in his chair and twiddles his fingers. There is a large pineapple displayed prominently in the foreground. I spent a long time drawing that pineapple, and I'm making it everyone's problem!

Theo: "You know, keeping busy. I work at a networking company doing data entry."

Panel 4
Gertrud pauses looking shocked, a serving fork full of food halfway to a plate.

Gertrud: "'Work'!?"

Panel 5
Plating the food, Gertrud turns to face her grandson, looking distraught.

Gertrud: "Don't tell me they make you WORK in HEAVEN."

Panel 6
Theo rubs the back of his neck, hemming and hawing as Gertrud brings a plate of food and a drink over to the table.

Theo: "Umm, well not exactly…"

Panel 7
Gertrud gets a look of realization on her face

Gertrud: "Oh,"

Panel 7
Theo looks away and starts to sweat.

Gertrud: "I get it…"

Panel 1
Gertrud sets the plate of food down on the table in front of Theo.

Gertrud: "It's like a volunteer thing? Keep yourself occupied?"

Theo looks down, unable to meet her gaze

Theo: "Um…"

Panel 2
Gertrud places her hand on her chest.

Gertrud: "Heck, I understand that! That's why I never retired."

Panel 3
Theo stares down at his plate, unable to bring himself to correct his Grandmother. Gertrud makes her way over to a chair for herself. The Pineapple is back. The detail is exquisite.

Gertrud: "Well, I guess NOW I'm retired. Heh heh!

Panel 4
Gertrud takes a seat.

Gertrud: "But forget work. Tell me about you!"

Panel 5
Gertrud: "I heard you were here with a date?"

Panel 6
Theo looks away nervously and tugs at his sleeve. A thought bubble appears next to him showing classic flavor Kame, with her dyed hair and gothy outfit — cow sleeve and all. It's maybe the best drawing of her I've ever done? Nothing flashy, but I like the way it came out. On model. Good hand gesture. Distinct silhouette. A solid drawing.

Theo: "Kame? I don't know if I'd call it a 'date.' She's just a friend of mine."

Panel 1
Gertrud holds up a finger and winks at Theo.

Gertrud: "Hmmm. Your grandfather thought we were 'just friends.' Right up until our wedding might! Heh heh!"

Panel 2
Theo's fork stops halfway to hie plate. Suddenly forced to think about his grandparents having sex, he does his best to get as far away from this situation as possible without actually moving. If he weren't already dead, he would die of embarrassment.

Theo: "Come on, Gran! It's not like that."

Panel 3
Gertrud gives Theo a serious look and taps a finger on the table.

Gertrud: "Alright, I'll leave it be, for now."

Panel 4
Gertrud puts a finger to her cheek and gives Theo a thoughtful look.

Gertrud: "You seem like you've got something else on your mind anyway."

Panel 5
Theo, in the process of lifting a samosa on a fork, does his best (i.e., bad) to look like he does not have anything else on his mind.

Theo: "What do you mean?"

Panel 6
Gertrud waves a stern finger at Theo, who cringes under her gaze. The pineapple peeks into frame, not wanting to miss any of this drama.

Gertrud: "Don't try to hide anything from me Theodore Franklin."

Panel 7
Gertrude's expression softens a bit, and she leans in toward Theo.

Gertrud: "You've never been any good at it anyway."

Panel 8
Gertrud: "I remember once once when you were four, and your cried because you had a dream about stealing a cookie!

Theo slouches into a ball of embarrassment.

Theo: "Graaaaaan!"

Panel 8
Gertrud smiles tenderly at Theo.

Gertrud: "Don't be embarrassed about being a bad liar.:

Panel 9:
Gertrud: "It shows you have a good soul."

Theo looks away, and starts to sweat again.

Panel 1
Thomas strolls contentedly down the stone steps from Gertrud's hut.

Panel 2
Thomas whistles a jaunty tune, content in the knowledge that nothing will spoil this tranquility.

Panel 3
Something spoils the tranquility.

Panel 4
Thomas looks down at the path below and sees Maxwell in the distance.

Panel 5
Maxwell, hands in his jacket pockets, walks down the path through the lush grove of trees towards the platform that holds Gertrud's hut.

Panel 6
An extreme closeup of Thomas' scowling face. He is absolutely livid.

Thomas: "Oh, that tears it!"

Panel 7
Thomas stomps down the remaining steps to confront Maxwell.

Panel 1
Maxwell strides grimly down the path, the Warden's chain trailing behind him as he walks. He glances around at the trees, but the idyllic scenery makes little impact upon him.

Panels 2 & 3
Maxwell reaches up to tug nervously at his tie, only to remember it's not there anymore.

Panel 4
Maxwell: "Ngh, that was my favorite tie."

Maxwell glances up through a break in the trees and spies the hut sitting atop the stone base.

Maxwell: "Ah."

Panel 5
Maxwell's brow furrows as he works up the courage to continue forward.

Maxwell: "Well, not time like the present."

Panel 6
Maxwell starts forward again, the chain trailing off into the air behind him.

Panel 7
We see something start to reach out of the void into which the end of the chain dispersal.

Panel 8
Maxwell walks on, not seeing the hand of the Warden reaching out towards him from behind.

Panel 1
The Warden places it's hand on Maxwell's shoulder.

Warden: "Maxwell"

Maxwell just about jumps out of his skin in surprise.

Maxwell: "Jesus Christmas!"

Panel 2
Maxwell, now realizing who it is, snares up at the Warden towering above him.

Maxwell: "What are YOU doing here."

Panel 3
The Warden glowers down at Maxwell. Though to be fair, glowering is about the only facial expression a Warden is capable of.

Warden: "Told you I would be watching"

Panel 4
We cut back to Thomas, who had just reached the bottom of the stairs and is starting down the path towards Maxwell.

Thomas: "I'll teach that good for nothing crook—"

Panel 5 & 6
Thomas is cut off before he can finish his though. He steps around a bend in the path and sees the Warden confronting Maxwell. Thomas ducks behind a tree to avoid being seen.

Warden: "You have broken the Rules"

Panel 1
Thomas peers around a tree as the Warden chastises Maxwell.

Warden (off panel): "It is not your turn" "Return to the party"

Panel 2
Maxwell, totally unaware that Thomas is nearby watching, paces around exasperated at the ridiculousness of the situation. The Warden may or may not be aware that Thomas is nearby. It's hard to say with those guys.

Maxwell: "So theft and arson: no big deal. But cutting in line is a bridge too far, huh?"

Panel 3
The Warden, totally non-flapped, looks down at Martin like a parent watching a child have a tantrum.

Warden: "The liquor and fire were free for the taking" "Yours had you but asked" "And the only thing you burned was your own tie"

Panel 4
Maxwell on the other hand, is very flapped. Fully flapped out by this revelation.

Maxwell: "HA! You gotta be kidding."

Panel 5
Maxwell adjusts his glasses, trying to hide his embarrassment.

Maxwell: "And I thought I was being so sneaky."

Panel 6
Warden (off panel): "Return to the party" "Wait your turn"

Thomas looks on, a smile of satisfaction on his broad face as he watches his wayward brother be chastised.

Panel 7
Maxwell (off panel) "Don't make me go back in there."

Thomas turns and starts to walk away, confident the situation has resolved itself.

Panel 8
Maxwell (off panel) "…Please."

This stops Thomas in his tracks, and he turns to look back.

Panel 1
Maxwell gesticulates at the Warden, desperately trying to convince it to let him stay.

Maxwell: "Just let me see Gertie. Don't send me back into that garden full of people who won't even tool at me."

Panel 2
The Warden looks down at Maxwell with something approaching sympathy.

Warden: "They shun you for your sins" "It is your own doing"

Panel 3
Anger twists Maxwell's face.

Maxwell: "You think I don't know that? They got a right to hate me. But that doesn't mean I have to sit there and smile while they do it."

Panel 4
The Warden straightens up.

Warden: "You can leave whenever you choose"

Panel 5
Maxwell's brow furrows, The Warden's words seem to have hit the crux of the matter.

Maxwell: "No. Not before I see her."

Panel 6
Warden: "Then you must wait"

Maxwell looks sullen, this is clearly not what he wants to hear.

Panels 1 – 3
Maxwell stairs up defiantly at the Warden, but as he realizes he has no choice but to comply, his shoulders slouch, his gaze falls, and the defiance drains from him.

Panel 4
Maxwell waves a hand in defeat, the fight gone out of him.

Maxwell: "Fine. God damn it, fine."

Panel 5 & 6
Maxwell slouches down and shoves his hands into his pockets, defeated. The Warden places a hand on his shoulder to guide him, surprisingly gently, back to the party.

Warden: "Come"

Panel 7
Thomas (off panel): "Wait."

Maxwell pauses and looks over his shoulder at the sound, not yet realizing who it is.