Brush Bromance

Some good comics from my webcomic buds:

Angry D. Monkey

The triumphant return of the internet’s greatest comic. If you venture in remember your ABC’s: Always Be punChing.

A cool B&W action comic with some great characters.


A strange aline (maybe?) race has overrun earth with a deadly (hypnosisy?) fog. Humanity is scattered. Some scavenge for supplies, some live alongside the aliens, some sail around on cool boats and do rad shit.

Drag Race

It’s about dragons who race!

Hidden Sun
Cat people doing cat people things (in space!).

Loud Era
Take your tin lizzie out to the speakeasy and line up a few dead soldiers. …
Bearcat! (Actually, it’s a teen-drama period piece.)

Opportunities in Space
Bad, bad people (and aliens) doing bad, bad things (in space!).

People of World: Light and Stone
The trouble with being immortal is sometimes you live long enough to see all of humanity wiped out and replaced by sentient bugs who carve giant angry statues.

Real Life Fiction
Weird, funny, cool sort-of journal comic.

Sack of Oranges
How evil is this comic? So evil it would let a man step right in a pile of dadongos and not tell him. Mothers hide your children.

Space Junk Arlia
Space pirates (IN SPAAAAAAAACE!).

Sword Interval
Let’s hunt some monsters!

A cool fantasy comic by the creator of Darken. Very interesting, what-what?

These are some other comics I like, wouldn’t you like to like them too?

Altered Frontier
Alternate-history adaptation of the old timey western radio show Gunsmoke.

Awkward Zombie
Very funny video game comic.

The world is at an end.



Chief O’Brien at Work
The daily life of everybody’s favorite transporter chief. Probably the most hilariously depressing thing on the internet.

Emma + Husband
Touching and funny journal comic.

Gunnerkrigg Court
One of the best webcomics there is, period.

Kill Six Billion Demons
Amazing art, deep story and great characters. Good luck finding a better comic. (Also, it takes place in Hell, so it’s got that going for it too.)

Sleepless Domain
Magical Girl Drama! Quickly becoming one of my favorite comics. Adorable art, great writing and fun characters.

Zebra Girl
Way back when I first learned webcomics were a thing, this was among the first ones I started reading. It’s wrapped up now, but well worth a read.