Panel 1
Back in the courtyard, we see a group of three people gathered near a low privacy wall chatting. In the background the party continues

Panel 2
The camera draws closer to the three people, a man and two women, as they continue to chat.

Panel 3
The camera continues to zoom in on the group.

Panel 4
Suddenly, Maxwell pops into view from behind the wall.
Maxwell: “Hey there, folks! It’s me, Maxwell!”

Panel 5
Maxwell leans in towards the man, grinning maniacally.
Maxwell: “You know, the guy who killed his brother.”
The man lease backward, uncomfortable.
Man: “Excuse me, we-”

Panel 6
Before the man can finish his thought, Maxwell turns his attention to the two women.
Maxwell: “Let’s have a long, personal conversation about our political views.”
The two women begin to back away, uncomfortable with Maxwell’s intrusion.

Panel 7
One of the women, in an attempt to politely remove herself from the situation, pretends to hear someone calling her name.
Woman: “Actually- Oh! Uh, I think I hear my wife calling. Another time?”

Panel 8
Maxwell feigns disappointment as the three people walk away, leaving him relatively alone by the wall.
Maxwell: “Huh, well isn’t that a shame.”

Close Talker