Panels 1 – 3
Maxwell stairs up defiantly at the Warden, but as he realizes he has no choice but to comply, his shoulders slouch, his gaze falls, and the defiance drains from him.

Panel 4
Maxwell waves a hand in defeat, the fight gone out of him.

Maxwell: "Fine. God damn it, fine."

Panel 5 & 6
Maxwell slouches down and shoves his hands into his pockets, defeated. The Warden places a hand on his shoulder to guide him, surprisingly gently, back to the party.

Warden: "Come"

Panel 7
Thomas (off panel): "Wait."

Maxwell pauses and looks over his shoulder at the sound, not yet realizing who it is.

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As you can probably tell, the site is undergoing a pretty extensive redesign. The themes & plugins I had had been using for the comic were pretty outdated, and there is no non-pain-in-the-ass way to update them other than manually. So the site will be a mess for a bit while I fix things up.

If you are here to read the comic, you can head over here. I have to manually re-post most of the pages, so there’s only about half of the actual comic up at this point. But more will get added as I go through and post the archives

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