Panel 1:
Vela does not look thrilled at the thought of chasing a chicken through the woods in the middle of the night.
Vela: Uh, isn’t it a little dark right now? Maybe we should postpone this until next week.
Kame rolls her eyes at this.
Kame: “Sigh”

Panel 2:
Kame starts off into the woods to find the chicken herself.
Kame: “Fine, I’ll go catch it.”

Panel 3:
Vela chases after her.
Vela: “Kame, no, it’s too dark! Wait!

Panel 4:
Kame ignores velas pleas and continues off into the dark woods, getting further and further ahead of Vela, who struggles to keep up.
Vela: “Kame! Kame wait up!”