Panel 1
Maxwell glances over his shoulder at the fire, struggling to hide a grin.
Maxwell: “Oh my.”
The Concierge grabs his head in shock.
Concierge: “Ack!”

Panel 2
The crowd stares at the flaming trashcan.

Panel 3
The Concierge attempts to remain calm while Maxwell smirks in the background.
Concierge: “Oh dear! Oh dear!”

Panel 4
The Concierge rushes off to deal with the situation, completely forgetting about Maxwell.
Concierge: Don’t worry folks! We will handle this!

Panel 5
Maxwell uses the distraction to make his way towards the archway.
Concierge [off panel]: “Just stay back and don’t panic!”

Panel 6
Maxwell disappears through the archway.
Concierge [off panel]: “Good lord, someone get some water!”

Keepin Chill