Panel 1
Caption: “Back on Earth”
Marco, pinned on his back on the cave floor, kicks furiously at the VIce which towers over him.
Marco: “Fuck fuck fuck fuck”

Panel 2
Marco struggles to avoid the Vice’s claws and proboscis. The Vice stabs at him blindly, it’s claws taking chunks out of the rock around Marco.
Sound Effect: *Chk*

Panel 3
The Vice makes a lunge at Marco.

Panel 4
Marco rolls out of the way, narrowly avoiding the proboscis. It bounces off a rock where Marco’s head had been a moment before.
Sound Effect: *Chnk*

Pane 5
Claire sits up groggily and clutches her head, her nose bloody from the hit she took off the Vice’s forelimb.
Claire: “Guh.”
In the background, Margo scrabbles on all fours across the cave floor pursued by the vice. Jerome whacks at the Vice’s tail with his crowbar to no visible affect.

Pinned Down