Panel 1
Claire looks aghast at the scene before her. Behind her, Germaine looks on with concern and reaches into her sleeve.

Panel 2
Marco has managed to get back on his feet and is making a mad dash away from the Vice.
Marco: “Why does it want to eat me!?”

Panel 3
Jerome continues to whack at the Vice with his crobar, which continues to be futile.
Jarome: “It eats bad decisions, moron. You were SMOKING.”

Panel 4
Marco ducks down, crawling into a narrow gap between two rocks.
Marco: “What difference does that make? I’m dead!”

Panel 5
Jerome has now fully climbed onto the Vice’s back, whacking all the while.
Jerome: It’s still not GOOD for you!”
Behind him, Claire rushes forward trying to get the Vice’s attention.”
Claire: “Hey! Hey!”

Panel 6
Marco has managed to wriggle halfway into the gap.
Marco: “That seems super unfair!”

Panel 7
Now fully inside the gap, Marco wedges himself in as far as he can go, trying to stay out of reach of the Vice. The Vice extends its proboscis inside the gap, feeling round for Marco.

Panel 8
Jerome continues to try and distract the Vice, to no effect. Claire continues to shout, smoke billowing out of her incense burner.”
Claire: “HEY! OVER HERE!”

Tight Squeeze