Panel 1:
The cultist dance around the fire chanting.
Cultists: “Hoo-aaay Oh oooooooh-ho Hoo-aaay Oh oooooooh-ho Hoo-aaay Oh oooooooh-ho”

Panel 2:
The Leader raises his hand, signaling everyone to stop.
Leader: “Ho!”

Panel 3:
The fire crackles in the dark.
SF: “Fire crackling”

Panel 4:
The Leader raises his hands into the air to command everyone’s attention and speaks in a deep, serious voice.
Leader: “Children of the dark flame”

Panel 5:
Leader: “We gather here tonight to witness the initiation of two new members into the service of our dark lord.”
The other cultists listen to his words and chant in response.
Cultists: “Hoy-ah!”

Panel 6:
Vela, the girl holding the chicken, leans in to whisper to Kame.
Vela: “Are you sure you want to do this?”
Kame: “Shhh! You want to get in or not?”