Pane 1:
Vela looks down forlornly at the chicken in her arms.
Vela: “I just don’t think I can do this.”
Kame looks surprized.
Kame: “What? Why not?”

Panel 2:
Vela pats the chicken on its head affectionately.
Vela: “I don’t think I can kill a poor defenseless chicken.”

Panel 3:
Kame looks indignant at this statement.
Kame: “This from the girl who every time we go out to eat orders 30 hot wings.”
Vela hugs the chicken defensively.
Vela: “Shut up! That’s completely different!”

Panel 4:
The leader gestures towards Kame and Vela
Leader: “Pledges, approach the altar and begin the sacrifice.”

Panel 5:
Kame begins to approach the alter.
Kame: “Let’s go.”
Vela gives the chicken an apologetic look and also begins the approach.
Vela: “Sorry chicken.”
Chicken: “Buck buck”