Panel 1:
Kame answers her mom without turning to look at her.
Kame: "… Out."

Panel 2:
Mom: "'Out' where?"

Panel 3:
Kame looks over her shoulder.
Kame: "Just out"

Panel 3:
Her father, who is sitting in an adjacent room reading a newspaper, chimes in.
Dad: "That's not a good enough answer, young lady. We want to know where you're going and with who."

Panel 4:
Kame sticks her head into the room, glaring angrily at her dad.
Kame: "With my friends, and it's none of your business where we go?"
Her mother looks shocked.
Mom: "Dear!"

Her father returns the glare from his chair.
Dad: "I'm your father, so it damn well is my business."