Panel 1:
Kame’s father stands angrily and approaches Kame. Kame slouches defiantly in the shadows.
Dad: “And as for those ‘friends’ of yours-”
Kame’s mother puts her arm in front of her husband in an attempt to calm him down.
Mom: “Honey, don’t shout.”

Panel 2:
Mom: “Kame, what your father means is that we’re just a little concerned the people you’ve been associating with might not be the best influence on you.”

Panel 3:
Kame, now in full Defiant Teen mode, shouts at Dad.
Kame: “You don’t even know them, so you can just stay out of it!”
Her father, now in full Angry Dad mode, points accusingly at Kame.
Dad: “I know they’re not the kind of people I want my daughter hanging out with.”

Panel 4:
Kame (Shouting): “I don’t really care what you want.”

Dad (Also Shouting): “Well, i’m the adult so you better start caring!”