Panel 1:
A close up of Kame’s face as she glares at her father.
Dad: “I heard that kid Steve you’re always hanging out with got arrested on drug charges.”

Panel 2:
Dad, hands on his hips, berrates Kame who continues to glare at him defiantly.
Dad: “And another one of your friends was caught spray painting satanic symbols on school property. Do you honestly think those are good people to be associating with.”

Panel 3:
Kame is seen silhouetted through a fish tank that sits in the corner of the room.
Kame: “They’re my friends, not yours! So it doesn’t matter if you like what they do or not!”

Panel 4:
Dad’s fist angrily clenches his newspaper.
Dad: “Don’t take that tone with me!”

Panel 5:
Kame’s fist angrily clenches her backpack strap.
Kame: “I’ll take whatever tone I want!”

Panel 6:
Mom, becoming increasingly distraught by all the shouting, tries to vainly to deescalate the argument.
Mom: “Please don’t shout at each other!”