Panel 1
Theo climbs an ornate set of stone stairs up to a platform above the treetops, on which sits a small, round building. In the background, clouds swirl around mountains in the distance.

Panel 2
A medium shot of Theo, looking nervous.

Panel 3
The stands in front of the door to the building. There are like, so many goddamn stone tiles on the ground they took forever to draw.

Panel 4
A wide shot of the treetops as a moment passes silently.

Panel 5
A closeup of Theo's hand reaching for the door handle.

Panel 6
The same shot, but Theo hesitates, too nervous to open the door.

Panel 7
Theo pulls back, rubbing his hands together nervously.

Panel 8
Theo balls his hands into fists and tries to work up the nerve to open the door.
Theo: *Exhales* "Okay."

Above the Treetops