Panel 1
Theo, finally having worked up the nerve to open the door, peers into the room. A small table next to the door hold a decorative fruit bowl and a small ornate lamp.

Theo: "Uh, Gran?"

Panel 2
Theo is knocked back as an elderly woman rushes forward and hugs him, tears in her eyes.

Theo: "Oof!"

Gertrud: "Oh my goodness! My baby!"

Panel 3
The woman (Theo's grandmother, Gertrud" holds Theo's face in her hands and kisses him on the cheek. Theo looks unsure of what to do.

Theo: "Hi Gran."

Gertrud: "Oh my little Teddy! I've missed you so much!"

Panel 4
A closeup of Theo's face, still held by Gertrud. A mixture of happiness and uncertainty on his face.

Gertrud: "Look at you."

Panel 5
A closeup of Gertrud's beaming face. She is several inches shorter than Theo, and has to reach up to cradle his face.

Gertrud: "Just as handsome as I remember."

Panel 6
Gertrud takes Theo's hand her her own and pats it gently, a look of grandmotherly concern on her face.

Gertrude: "But so thin!" (A statement based on facts not in evidence) "Have you been eating well?"

Theo, a look of mild exasperation on his face: "Yes Gran."

Panel 7
We pull back to a wide shot as Gertrud places a hand on Theo's back and leads him deeper into the room. We can see a bit more of the room, which is furnished with ornate, old-fashioned looking items.

Gertrud, falling straight into grandma mode: "Come in and sit! I'll fix you a plate."

Panel 8
Gertrude positive beams, extremely happy to see her grandson again.

Gertrud: "And you tell me ALL about what you've been up to!"

Theo looks sheepish, dreading the thought of having to admit to his grandmother that he has been condemned to Hell."