Panel 1
Gertrud holds up a finger and winks at Theo.

Gertrud: "Hmmm. Your grandfather thought we were 'just friends.' Right up until our wedding might! Heh heh!"

Panel 2
Theo's fork stops halfway to hie plate. Suddenly forced to think about his grandparents having sex, he does his best to get as far away from this situation as possible without actually moving. If he weren't already dead, he would die of embarrassment.

Theo: "Come on, Gran! It's not like that."

Panel 3
Gertrud gives Theo a serious look and taps a finger on the table.

Gertrud: "Alright, I'll leave it be, for now."

Panel 4
Gertrud puts a finger to her cheek and gives Theo a thoughtful look.

Gertrud: "You seem like you've got something else on your mind anyway."

Panel 5
Theo, in the process of lifting a samosa on a fork, does his best (i.e., bad) to look like he does not have anything else on his mind.

Theo: "What do you mean?"

Panel 6
Gertrud waves a stern finger at Theo, who cringes under her gaze. The pineapple peeks into frame, not wanting to miss any of this drama.

Gertrud: "Don't try to hide anything from me Theodore Franklin."

Panel 7
Gertrude's expression softens a bit, and she leans in toward Theo.

Gertrud: "You've never been any good at it anyway."

Panel 8
Gertrud: "I remember once once when you were four, and your cried because you had a dream about stealing a cookie!

Theo slouches into a ball of embarrassment.

Theo: "Graaaaaan!"

Panel 8
Gertrud smiles tenderly at Theo.

Gertrud: "Don't be embarrassed about being a bad liar.:

Panel 9:
Gertrud: "It shows you have a good soul."

Theo looks away, and starts to sweat again.

An Honest Soul