Panel 1
Gertrud sets the plate of food down on the table in front of Theo.

Gertrud: "It's like a volunteer thing? Keep yourself occupied?"

Theo looks down, unable to meet her gaze

Theo: "Um…"

Panel 2
Gertrud places her hand on her chest.

Gertrud: "Heck, I understand that! That's why I never retired."

Panel 3
Theo stares down at his plate, unable to bring himself to correct his Grandmother. Gertrud makes her way over to a chair for herself. The Pineapple is back. The detail is exquisite.

Gertrud: "Well, I guess NOW I'm retired. Heh heh!

Panel 4
Gertrud takes a seat.

Gertrud: "But forget work. Tell me about you!"

Panel 5
Gertrud: "I heard you were here with a date?"

Panel 6
Theo looks away nervously and tugs at his sleeve. A thought bubble appears next to him showing classic flavor Kame, with her dyed hair and gothy outfit — cow sleeve and all. It's maybe the best drawing of her I've ever done? Nothing flashy, but I like the way it came out. On model. Good hand gesture. Distinct silhouette. A solid drawing.

Theo: "Kame? I don't know if I'd call it a 'date.' She's just a friend of mine."

I Mean, It’s Not NOT a Date