Panel 1:
Back in Heaven, Kame leans against a bar while an angelic bartender pours a bottle of Bacardi into a shaker. Many bottles of various liquors line the wall behind him.

Panel 2:
The bartendter turns his back to get another bottle, leaving the bottle of Bacardi sitting on the bar. Kame eyes the bottle surreptitiously and subtly unzips her purse.

Panel 3:
The bartender, his back still to Kame, shakes the drink he is preparing. Kame nonchalantly grabs the bottle and makes to stuff it into her purse
SR: “Shake shake”

Pane 4:
The bartender turns back to kame and purs the drink he has just prepared into a glass.
Unlucky Bartender: “Here you go, Miss. One Gulyuz”
Kame gives an exaggerated smile while doing the best to keep her now, bulging purse out of his line of sight.
Kame: “Thank you so much!”

Panel 5:
The bartender smiles and reacher for the bottle of Bacardi, not yet noticing that is is no longer on the bar.
Unlucky Bartender: “It was my pleasure.”
Kame sips her drink and quickly walks away.
Kame: “I bet.”

Panel 6
The bartender, now noticing the missing bottle, stares in confusion at the spot he set it down. Kame is long gone.

Bottle Service