Panel 1:
Vice: “Gruuuuuuuuh!”
The Vice turns abruptly, striking Claire in the face with one of it's talon
SF: “Crk!”
Claire: “Guh!”

Panel 2:
Marco notices the Vice barreling towards him.
Marco: “Oh shit.”
Jerome shouts at him.
Jerome: “Run idiot!”

Panel 3:
Marco spits the Black & Mild out of his mouth and into his hand.

Panel 4:
Marco flings the Black & Mild towards the Vice in a futile attempt to distract it as he runs.
SF: “Peh”

Panel 5:
The Black & Mild, still trailing smoke, bounces ineffectual off the Vice, which continues to pursue Marco.
SF: “Pttt”

Panel 6:
Marco fleas in panic, ducking behind a large rock. The Vice continues to chase him. Jerome attempts to fend off the Vice by hitting it with his crowbar, but to no effect.

Run, Idiot!