Panel 1
Maxwell gesticulates at the Warden, desperately trying to convince it to let him stay.

Maxwell: "Just let me see Gertie. Don't send me back into that garden full of people who won't even tool at me."

Panel 2
The Warden looks down at Maxwell with something approaching sympathy.

Warden: "They shun you for your sins" "It is your own doing"

Panel 3
Anger twists Maxwell's face.

Maxwell: "You think I don't know that? They got a right to hate me. But that doesn't mean I have to sit there and smile while they do it."

Panel 4
The Warden straightens up.

Warden: "You can leave whenever you choose"

Panel 5
Maxwell's brow furrows, The Warden's words seem to have hit the crux of the matter.

Maxwell: "No. Not before I see her."

Panel 6
Warden: "Then you must wait"

Maxwell looks sullen, this is clearly not what he wants to hear.