Panel 1
Thomas peers around a tree as the Warden chastises Maxwell.

Warden (off panel): "It is not your turn" "Return to the party"

Panel 2
Maxwell, totally unaware that Thomas is nearby watching, paces around exasperated at the ridiculousness of the situation. The Warden may or may not be aware that Thomas is nearby. It's hard to say with those guys.

Maxwell: "So theft and arson: no big deal. But cutting in line is a bridge too far, huh?"

Panel 3
The Warden, totally non-flapped, looks down at Martin like a parent watching a child have a tantrum.

Warden: "The liquor and fire were free for the taking" "Yours had you but asked" "And the only thing you burned was your own tie"

Panel 4
Maxwell on the other hand, is very flapped. Fully flapped out by this revelation.

Maxwell: "HA! You gotta be kidding."

Panel 5
Maxwell adjusts his glasses, trying to hide his embarrassment.

Maxwell: "And I thought I was being so sneaky."

Panel 6
Warden (off panel): "Return to the party" "Wait your turn"

Thomas looks on, a smile of satisfaction on his broad face as he watches his wayward brother be chastised.

Panel 7
Maxwell (off panel) "Don't make me go back in there."

Thomas turns and starts to walk away, confident the situation has resolved itself.

Panel 8
Maxwell (off panel) "…Please."

This stops Thomas in his tracks, and he turns to look back.

You Gotta Be Kidding