Panel 1
Maxwell strides grimly down the path, the Warden's chain trailing behind him as he walks. He glances around at the trees, but the idyllic scenery makes little impact upon him.

Panels 2 & 3
Maxwell reaches up to tug nervously at his tie, only to remember it's not there anymore.

Panel 4
Maxwell: "Ngh, that was my favorite tie."

Maxwell glances up through a break in the trees and spies the hut sitting atop the stone base.

Maxwell: "Ah."

Panel 5
Maxwell's brow furrows as he works up the courage to continue forward.

Maxwell: "Well, not time like the present."

Panel 6
Maxwell starts forward again, the chain trailing off into the air behind him.

Panel 7
We see something start to reach out of the void into which the end of the chain dispersal.

Panel 8
Maxwell walks on, not seeing the hand of the Warden reaching out towards him from behind.

I’m Gonna Miss That Tie