Panel 1
The Warden places it's hand on Maxwell's shoulder.

Warden: "Maxwell"

Maxwell just about jumps out of his skin in surprise.

Maxwell: "Jesus Christmas!"

Panel 2
Maxwell, now realizing who it is, snares up at the Warden towering above him.

Maxwell: "What are YOU doing here."

Panel 3
The Warden glowers down at Maxwell. Though to be fair, glowering is about the only facial expression a Warden is capable of.

Warden: "Told you I would be watching"

Panel 4
We cut back to Thomas, who had just reached the bottom of the stairs and is starting down the path towards Maxwell.

Thomas: "I'll teach that good for nothing crook—"

Panel 5 & 6
Thomas is cut off before he can finish his though. He steps around a bend in the path and sees the Warden confronting Maxwell. Thomas ducks behind a tree to avoid being seen.

Warden: "You have broken the Rules"

You Knew They’d Be Back