Panel 1
Smoke rises from the now lit cigar
Man: “Thanks”

Panel 2
The man turns and walks away. The Waiter puts the lighter into his pocket and smiles.
Waiter: “My pleasure, sir.”

Panel 3
The Waiter also turns and begins to walk away. At the same time, Maxwell is walking towards him while looking back over his shoulder. Neither one appears to see the other.

Panel 4
Maxwell and the Waiter collide with one another, knocking the Waiter backwards, causing him to almost drop the box of cigars he is carrying. In the confusion, Maxwell slips his hand into the Waiters pocket.

Panel 5
The Waiter looks applaud at his own clumsiness.
Waiter: “Oh my gosh! Sir, I am SO sorry.”
Maxwell doubles over apparently having the wind knocked out of him, his glasses askew on his face. He surreptitiously sticks his hand into his jacket pocket.

Panel 6
The Waiter approaches Maxwell apologetically.
Waiter: “Are you okay?”
Maxwell straightens himself up and adjusts his glasses.
Maxwell: “Oh my.”

I’m Walkin Here!