Panel 1
Gertrud sits Theo down in a chair at to a round, granite table with a bowl of fruit in the center

Gertrud: "Just sit here and I'll get you some food."

Theo: "You don't have to do that, Gran."

Panel 2
Gertrud clasps her hands together in joy at being able to see her grandson again.

Gertrud: "Nonsense! Now, you tell me how you've been."

Panel 3
Theo slouches sheepishly in his chair and twiddles his fingers. There is a large pineapple displayed prominently in the foreground. I spent a long time drawing that pineapple, and I'm making it everyone's problem!

Theo: "You know, keeping busy. I work at a networking company doing data entry."

Panel 4
Gertrud pauses looking shocked, a serving fork full of food halfway to a plate.

Gertrud: "'Work'!?"

Panel 5
Plating the food, Gertrud turns to face her grandson, looking distraught.

Gertrud: "Don't tell me they make you WORK in HEAVEN."

Panel 6
Theo rubs the back of his neck, hemming and hawing as Gertrud brings a plate of food and a drink over to the table.

Theo: "Umm, well not exactly…"

Panel 7
Gertrud gets a look of realization on her face

Gertrud: "Oh,"

Panel 7
Theo looks away and starts to sweat.

Gertrud: "I get it…"

Work? Work!? WORK!?!?!?